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State of the art equipment, software, and a highly skilled design team ensure that your ideas are realised fully and brought to life.
From design briefs, through supplied art, no task is too small, and our design team relish a challenge!
Members of our design team work vertically throughout the process. From realisation, through separation, to colourisation, wet proofing on the print machines and finally onto web administration, ensuring that there is creative input present throughout the process.

Artwork in most formats is acceptable. However, vector artwork in Illustrator, Adobe PDF, or Hi res (300 DPI minimum) Photoshop files will yield superior results.
If the artwork contains type, please supply the specific font, or convert the type to outlines (Adobe Illustrator) or convert the type to a shape layer (Adobe Photoshop). Please note that poorly realised artwork which requires additional attention or re-drawing may be subject to additional cost.

If in doubt about any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries that you may have.

Contacts being amy@razamataz.com or shaun@razamataz.com

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